> SHOPPING CART ISSUE 2017-04-23 <
Currently the web based DorkiDori shopping cart is not functioning properly (something is screwy on Paypals end). I am currently working on a new shopping cart for web based users. But, in the meantime, if you would like to purchase aero parts please visit the Facebook Shop...


DorkiDori was started in October 2007 based on the idea of making cars fashionable. It is independently owned and operated by a single person. DorkiDori creates, prints and produces everything in Las Vegas, NV and has helped a wide variety of shops, brands and racing teams receive attention thru various forms of freelance design, printed media, custom apparel and advertising. Since 2007, DorkiDori has also become one of the best known names for quality fitting apparel and aero parts in the import industry and strives to bring you nothing but the highest quality products.