My name is Lennon Midnight and I am the owner/artist of DorkiDori AutoCouture. I purchased my first S13 Hatchback in 2002 and Ive been involved in the 240sx scene for almost 2 decades. I started DorkiDori AutoCouture back in October of 2007 based on the idea of blending three of my favorite things... cars, art and apparel. Since its inception, DorkiDori has introduced me to such amazing people and brands a long the way. Ive felt insanely fortunate to work with the clientele that I have! 

Since I was 15, Ive immersed myself in digital design ever since my first time using Adobe Photoshop (back in 1996). I was absolutely amazed at what the digital medium provided in its limitless creativity! Since the day I sat down behind that old PowerMac 6100 in the design lab, Ive built my life and career around digital art! I have a full background in traditional art also... which includes painting, drawing and sculpting. Ive always been extremely hands on with any avenue I venture down which helps set my work apart from my competition as I enjoy learning how every process works from beginning to end so that way I know how to push boundaries and create an amazing final product!

I also have an extensive background in audio production. I discovered creating music on the PC when I was 16 after receiving my first DAW (digital audio workstation) entitled 'Rebirth338'. Since then I have moved into the ever evolving DAW 'Reason' which has been my software of choice for audio production since its debut in 2000. I utilize Adobe Audition for finishing touches and mastering. I have built a small home studio and music label entitled 'Deathclub Records'. Through my studio and label Ive published 2 EPS and 3 Albums. Ive also had the chance to work along side, perform with and receive mentoring from some of the most amazing musicians in the industry! Feel free to search 'Lennon Midnight' on any and every major digital outlet to find the music Ive made!

Because of my involvement in the music scene, in 2015 I started a secondary brand entitled 'Black Umbrella Merch' which was a service for musicians who needed management, design and distribution of their merchandise. With 'Black Umbrella Merch' I specialized in merchandise and social media management needs for a few well known and label based musicians. I made the decision to shut down 'Black Umbrella Merch' services in January of 2019 due to the rapidly growing demands required from DorkiDori AutoCouture.

If you would like to contact me for any of my services including design, print, brand management, social media management, audio production or whatever creative needs you may have, please do so via my DorkiDori Facebook page at www.facebook.com/dorkidoriclothing and we can chat! I usually answer my messages immediately so expect a very quick response!